Špira Puovića I 10,HR-21220 Trogir,Croatia

Barba Restaurant - Seget

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Restaurant Barba is one of the restaurants in Trogir that should not be missed. For more than 20 years since its opening is famous for the best fish grilled in Trogir area. Except enjoying great fish and shells, that is always fresh, you can enjoy the tasteful meat dishes and different kinds of pasta. Restaurant Barba is off the old town of Trogir. It takes about 15 minutes to get there on foot from the old town or just a short taxi ride. The interior of the restaurant is not so high-end furnished but its quality and the food is certainly a high-end class. Visit Restaurant Barba to reward your palates! They have enough place to accept groups, but we recommend to book a table in advance.

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